JetPack JoyRide

Enjoy this online version of your favorite Jetpack Joyride game! Help the main character named Barry Befstroganoff make his way through the long tunnels of the secret laboratory and collect coins! Exciting adventures await you during which you will find many dangers, interesting and various improvements. Your hero Barry is a gramophone salesman who breaks into a secret lab and seizes experimental jetpacks! Wearing a satchel, he begins to fly around the laboratory and dodge lasers, electric fields and all missiles in his path. As it turned out, the backpack is even equipped with a machine-gun drive that fires automatically when the hero rises up. On the way you will find a lot of coins, obstacles and of course various bonuses in the form of vehicles. You can sit on a motorcycle, a tramp robot, a bird and a teleporter. Each vehicle gives you increased movement speed and protects you from one mistake or death.

Jetpack Joyride is also an endless runner where you have to help Barry dodge electric fences, missiles and laser beams. Barry must fly through a long tunnel in his bullet-powered jetpack and collect as many coins as possible.

How to play?
While Barry tries to escape from the space lab, various deadly obstacles block his path. The player can use the jetpack to lift Barry up and over every obstacle. The player can collect coins to upgrade Barry’s equipment and score extra points when Barry’s bullets hit the scientists running around below. The more scientists you kill, the more points you get. You must also play for the best coins, points and distance covered. Each new run can be your best! The greatest distance is your best record and only so!

The entire laboratory is divided into sectors. You always start running from the first sector and run forward. Each new sector is even more dangerous than the previous ones. You will have to use all your skills, agility and focus to run 20 sectors or more. Don’t wait, start playing right now!

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