Each of us is an artist at heart, even if you have never painted, considering yourself mediocre in this sense, it is worth trying at least once and immersing yourself in the wonderful world of art and creativity. It is important for the artist to have a firm hand in order to perform clear strokes, to draw long, even lines in one fell swoop. You will be surprised, but the game 2 can help you with this, at the same time you will have fun competing with players who are at the same time as you in this game space. Naturally, the game will not teach you how to draw, but as for drawing lines, then that’s it. Even after playing a little time, you will notice how more confidently you began to manage your square, leaving a clear line behind you. But the meaning of the game is not in drawing, but in increasing your own color space. Upon entering, each player receives their own color and a small spot on the field. You must expand it to its maximum size, gradually adding additional areas. To do this, move the square, going beyond your color, capture the white field and make a closed loop, returning to your square. You can capture other people’s colored spots. If an opponent’s square hits the loop, you destroy it. Thus, you will get rid of competitors. But your opponents can do the same, so be careful and careful. In the upper right corner, you will see the progress of expanding your influence as a percentage. If you become a leader, get a golden crown and it will accompany your figure until someone takes over the championship in the game 2. It is important to act quickly, boldly, do not be afraid to take risks, if you fail, start over, your progress will be saved . Ideally, you should fill the field one hundred percent with your color. The goals are grandiose, but these are the only ones you need to set for yourself, otherwise what’s the point.

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