Tunnel Rush 2

Tunnel Rush 2 is a game of skill. Enter the colorful 3D tunnels and hunt for the treasures within. Collect more diamonds to unlock and upgrade your ship.

Your duties

While traveling through a neon-lit tunnel, the objective is to escape any obstacles you come across. The trouble with the tunnel is that it gets narrower at an increasingly rapid rate, making it more difficult to escape collisions. The beginning of the game is slow, but it quickly picks up speed and continues to do so until it becomes very challenging. You could be tempted to try to beat your previous number once more, only to end up being unsuccessful.


  • Use A/D or arrow keys to move left or right
  • Use Space to Pause or Restart

A few tips for the game

For the purpose of enhancing your spacecraft, you have the ability to gather an unbounded supply of diamonds at your own pace. Keep your concentration on the display while keeping your fingertips on the appropriate controls at all times. Because of the tunnel’s diminishing size, collision avoidance will become increasingly challenging. Try to look ahead for a wider field of view.

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