Vex 6

We present to your attention a new part of the exciting game Vex 6 online, in which you will continue to help the brave Stickman in his adventures. Today your hero needs to get to the ancient temple. The path along which he will have to go is a continuous obstacle course. Look carefully at the screen. Your hero will run at full speed, gradually picking up speed along the road. On his way you will see various obstacles and traps. You deftly managing your hero will have to make sure that he overcomes them all without slowing down. You will need the ability to jump and do a variety of tricks, because climbing a wall or jumping a long distance is not so easy. On the way, your character must collect various items and gold coins scattered around, which will add points to you. Be extremely careful, because a mistake can cost the life of the hero, and you will have to go through everything again. Enter Vex 6 play and become the winner of the game.

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