Boxel Rebound

Your gaming skills are about to be pushed to their limits! How many levels will you be able to complete in the very challenging Boxel Rebound

You’ll be taking control of a box determined to make its way through a series of obstacle courses. It will explode if it hits objects like blocks in this jumping game. Will you be able to keep it in one piece? For an even greater challenge, you can design your own levels and make them even more intense! 

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How to Play Boxel Rebound 

The goal of Boxel Rebound is to prevent an unstoppable box from crashing into various hazards. Also look for portals that can make the box shrink or grow. 

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to make choices in the menu and during the game. 
  • LEFT CLICK to make the box jump. 

About the Game Developer 

Boxel Rebound was developed by Doppler.

Play on Mobile 

You can also play Boxel Rebound on a mobile device via Google Play.

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