A loader is one of the most necessary elements in every large production. It helps to rearrange heavy and voluminous objects with minimal effort on the part of the worker. This increases the productivity and efficiency of production and reduces time. In a word, in any enterprise, the forklift plays a very important role for loading and unloading manufactured goods.

How to play?
In the game “Boxing Rob”, you will learn how to operate a new generation of advanced forklift. Unlike previous models, it has become more lightweight, maneuverable and easy to manage. The bulkiness is gone, and the loader itself has become more ergonomic. There are 20 levels ahead of you, where there will be only one task – to load the boxes into the truck. It sounds very simple, but it’s actually a little different. Sometimes you have to get really confused to get to the right box, and then load it into the car. But you just have to use ingenuity and you can cope with any task. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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